Winter is coming, have you started with the warmth?

Winter is here when the sun should be dejected and let out a little light; the snowflakes in the sky should often return to the earth at this time; people should wear leather clothes and gloves at this time, but all this has changed. At this time, people took out "press box bottom" down jackets to get warm. How to choose a warm down jacket correctly? Let the editor of Rui Niu give you an introduction!


What is the reason why down jackets keep warm?

The soft flower-like structure resembles a dandelion seed. Each feather is composed of a down core and down filaments, and many thin and long down filaments are emitted from the down core. Each feather of down is composed of thousands of tiny scales. Each scale is hollow. These tiny pores are filled with a lot of still air. Compared with leather, linen, and silk, the air has the lowest thermal conductivity, so it forms a natural barrier to prevent convection of hot and cold air. This is the secret of keeping warm down jackets.


Generally speaking, the higher the filling degree of down jacket, the warmer, but the higher the down content, the better. The higher the bulkiness of the down filler, the stronger the air flowability, the better the heat insulation performance. However, when the down filling volume of a down jacket exceeds a certain limit, it will be compressed by the fabric, and its thickness will no longer increase or increase very little, so the density will increase. The greater the density of the filler, the greater the heat loss through the conduction of the filler fibers. In this case, the warmth retention of the down jacket will not increase or even decrease with the increase of the filling amount.


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