How to distinguish true or false down jacket

Ruiniu Down jacket manufacturer has been focusing on the production of down jackets for 20 years. It is a professional jacket manufacturer. We have been working hard to make every down jacket, and we have always relied on our customers with high-quality returns. Against the cold winter down jacket is indeed better warm equipment. However, China’s down jacket sales market monitoring will still have loopholes. The down jackets launched by large and small businesses and brands on the market are becoming more and more varied, and the quality of down jackets has become uneven. Many fake down jackets are used as high-end down jackets for sale. So in order to let everyone not is deceived, today I will teach you a few simple tips to identify, you make be able to use when you buy down jacket.

The look of light and a fake down jacket is more ugly and has a filler. Therefore, most people think that as long as the clothes in the clothes have stuff, it is a down jacket. In fact, the fillers generally include down cotton, silk cotton, biological cashmere, and down, etc. Among them, the first three kinds of cotton are made of cotton clothes, and some people are called fake down jackets. Among these types of fillings, the down warmth is the best, the down cotton is chemical fiber cotton, the warmth is not good, the broken chicken and duck hair, the warmth is poor and the environmental protection indicators are unqualified. In addition, the price difference between the down and down cotton and other fillers is also very different.



The identification method of true and false down jacket is to touch, and the soft one is filled down cotton and silk cotton, the feathers with a little stalk and grain are feathers, while the one with obvious grain sense is biological down. Compared with down cotton, the warmth preservation of biological down is better, but the one with lower down is still much worse. The price of down jackets is very high for clothes made of bio-down. Why does a true down have tiny stalks when it feels fine? That's because duck down is a combination of down flowers and fly silk, and the silk stalk is obvious to the touch.

Another method is to press. Generally, down with good volume and has a certain resilience. When to buy a down jacket, you can use the hand gently press the down jacket, see if it may be a quick rebound, if recovery soon, illustrate the quality of the feather and volume is good, and the more air can be fixed, the warmer it is. If there is no movement after pressing, it means that this down jacket is a big problem.

In addition to the feelings and pressures of the hands, everyone can pay attention to the washing marks on the lining when purchasing down jackets. Generally, better down jackets will enter the mall to detect the labels. Once nonconformity to the requirement, the mall is not allowed to enter the sales. The shopping malls which are a little better have the provision, but the outside market or online sales are relatively messy without strict supervision.

Some brand merchants will be low down the content of down jackets from 90% to 80% or even 60% for saving their money(reducing their cost) In fact, the industrial people know that less than 60% of down jackets are not along down jacket anymore. But some merchants will be 60% of the velvet pieces made use of down jackets, as high-end down jackets to sell. Therefore, the price of down jackets in the market is inequality beginning one hundred to a few hundred. Not professionals will be deceived because they think of cheating more on the outside.

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