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Custom Kids Jackets

  • Rabbit Feather Lining Hoodie Winter Light Baby Pink Padded Jacket

    Baby pink padded jacket product detail This eared down jacket is just for the cutie, that's right! The filling is 90% white duck down, fluffy, large, fine, warmer than ordinary down. Inside all is rabbit hair lining, fuzzy soft, feel slippery is too comfortable, warmth. The outside is made of…
  • Духтарони обногузар аз рангҳои гармидиҳӣ яклухт либоси кӯдакон гарм мекунанд

    Waterproof Raincoat Girls Heated Warm Down Jacket Children Clothes Wholesale product detail For fabricThe inner and outer layers of this down jacket are made of the same material, super dense nylon fabric. The super-dense material prevents drilling and is waterproof. Sewing aspect, the needle of machine of down…
  • Hoodie Pullover Down Jacket Little Girls Down Coat

    Little Girls Down Coat product detail This kind of down jacket fabric is relatively thick, high density, the only high-density fabric can be made to prevent fleece, waterproof. Filled with high-quality white duck down, the large white duck down is very fluffy, comfortable and warm. It is a down…
  • Stylish Warm Long kids Duck Down Jacket

    kids duck down jacket product detail Choose 90%white duck down filling, velvet flower big resilience good no odor, higher fleeciness is not easy to drill down. High-density windproof fabric, soft, after coating processing, not easy to run down, but also with waterproof function. Product details: Equidistant pleated stitch, so that the…
  • High Quality Duck Down Children Clothes Winter Jacket for girls

    High Quality Duck Down Children Clothes Winter Jacket for girls product detail This down jacket is made of 90% white duck down.Choose high-density full-process drillproof fabric for fabrics.   Two side inclined pocket, practical enhancement! Left sleeve on the customized LOGO Same color zipper open and close, easy to wear…
  • Winter Little Girls Dress Jacket Coat

    Little Girls Dress Jacket product detail This down jacket is made of 90% white duck down. Its outstanding features are warmth and light, and the double liner has good anti-fleecing effect. For the outer fabric, we use 420T super dense nylon material. So the fabric can be water-proof and water-free,
  • Korean Boys Puffer Jacket with Fur Hood

    Boys puffer jacket with fur hood product detail About fabric: This type of down jacket, we are using high-quality waterproof feather fabric, professional down jacket material, Softer, lighter, smoother and more resistance than other fabrics,and not easy to run down. The filling for the down jacket is a selection of…
  • Сарпӯши мӯйи сабуки вазни кӯдакон либоси кӯдакона

    Baby lightweight down jacket with a scarf product detail Details show: The hem is elastic can be adjusted with a stopper. Inside the cuff, the rib design is made to keep warm and windproof. Style: Casual loose Filling material: 90% duck down, super comfort, good heat preservation. The hem is…
  • Cute Winter Warm Down Winter Coats for Toddlers

    Down winter coats for toddlers product detail About the fabric: The outer layer of this down jacket is made of superfine material, which is characterized by soft, comfortable, delicate and skin-friendly.The down-proof cotton fabric, which allows us to effectively control the rundown, double protection clothes don't run velvet, is…
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