Enterprise service customization funtional outdoor heated windbreaker
Enterprise service customization funtional outdoor heated windbreaker
Enterprise service customization funtional outdoor heated windbreaker
Enterprise service customization funtional outdoor heated windbreaker

Foshan Ruiniu Clothing Co.,Ltd. more than 20 years of professional custom OEM outdoor ski-wear, overalls, uniforms, sportswear,include excellent brands at home and abroad. the factory more than 3000 square meters, four professional production team, outsourcing more than 10 production operations at the same time;The introduction of automatic CNC lint filling machine, laser machine, glue press, automatic cutting and other professional equipment, to provide you with more efficient and professional clothing production services.30 years of technical , support to customized development samples.


MOQ:1000 orders, Free proofing and reproduction

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Enterprise service customization funtional outdoor heated windbreaker


product description

Enterprise service customization funtional outdoor heated windbreaker the logo can be customized according to customers' requirements. The seam gule is breathable, comfortable, windproof and waterproof.The windproof waist and windproof cuff are designed to keep warm more firmly. The elastic rope cap is designed to combine the windproof hoodie with the special windproof rope to effectively prevent cold wind from entering. Guarantee of delivery time: more than 3000 square meters, 4 professional production teams, more than 10 outsourcing production teams at the same time. 1. Scientific management, clear and controllable OEM /odm process; 2. Providing solutions according to customers 3. Follow up and report orders 1 to 1, clear and controllable the whole production.

Commodity parameters

Product name: Enterprise service customization funtional outdoor heated windbreaker
factory: Ruiniu Clothing Co.,Ltd
Inspection standards : AQL2.5
MOQ: 50 pieces,and 300 pieces for free sample cost
Delivery time: 50 pieces - 10 days, 300 pieces - 20 days
Heat energy : reflection technology lining, reflecting 75% infrared radiation of human body, body surface temperature increased by 3-5 °C.
Characteristic: Windproof and waterproof, all parts of each seam with glue waterproof treatment, warm, comfortable and breathable.


The functions of products

Waterproof surface, anti-splash water treatment, rain is not easy to penetrate, effective resistance to rain erosion, keep dry.

windproof cold wind is difficult to fill, effective wind and cold.

breathable In the violent movement, can accelerate the air permeability and moisture drainage.


product detail

The sleeve can be adjusted with Velcro to prevent cold wind and snow from entering.Windproof waist, windproof cuff, strengthen windproof effect, better heat preservation;The inner waist, the inner sleeve does the windproof processing, the outdoor movement unique windproof design, simultaneously also can effectively prevent the snow invasion, the warm sex is stronger.

The bottom breathable zipper design is waterproof and breathable in the violent movement. It can accelerate breathable moisture.

The body is not sultry, and clothes do not stick to the body.

Elastic rope cap design, windproof hoodie and special windproof rope combination, effectively prevent cold wind filling.

Company Information

Ruiniu Clothing Co.,Ltd

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1.Are you a factory or trading company?

S-GERT is a professional down jacket and outdoor wear manufacturer, with own factories in Foshan. Established in 2002, we have been producing high quality garments for more than 20 years.

2.Can you customize the products?
Yes, we can customize our clothes according to our customers'needs. We have a pattern master with 30 years working experience.

3.Can we use our own logo or design?
Yes, you can. You can contact us for the details.

4.How about your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 300 pieces.

5.What brand zipper do you use for this hardshell jacket for men?

We use first quality YKK and SBS brand zipper, which can be used for thousands times.

6.Can I get a jacket sample to check quality? Is there any fee for it?

Before you place the order, sample cost is required, if order is confirmed, pre-production sample is free for you.

7.How can i guarantee for my goods quality and my payment?

We support deal via Alibaba Trade Assurance System and sign formal contract on Alibaba with full protection for your order.

8.Who do I contact if I have a problem?

You can collect our stores and contact us through Alibaba. You can also contact us by email.




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