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Three-in-one removable mens windbreaker jacket with hood
Three-in-one removable mens windbreaker jacket with hood
Three-in-one removable mens windbreaker jacket with hood
Three-in-one removable mens windbreaker jacket with hood

RN outdoor focused on outdoor windbreaker customization in 20 години, We provide our customers with the following services: sample development, fabric and accessories procurement, printing and embroidery, laser seamless and other integrated services throughout the production supply chain. We are expecting to become your long team partner in China.


MOQ:1000 orders, Free proofing and reproduction

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Mens windbreaker jacket with hood


Product description

The mens windbreaker jacket with hood is comfortable, дише, and windproof warmth. Double effect to keep warm, windproof shell + down bladder. Advanced equipment, using a laser cutting all sorts of graphic design, automatic glue a scooter lines stitch unified position accurately, two-way multifunctional flat hot press logo, fully automatic computer cuttings bed machine precision cutting, international AQL2.5 standard delivery & d international certification factory, the goods time zero delay.

mens windbreaker jacket with hood in red mens windbreaker jacket with hood in red

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Name: Mens windbreaker jacket with hood
фабрика: Ruiniu Clothing
Test: AQL25
MOQ: 50 orders, 300 free samples
Cargo period: 50 pieces-10days, 300pieces-20days
карактеристики: Detachable, 3 kinds of wearing methods, fabrics to keep warm from the cold, Anti-splash water, wear-resistant


Commodity function

Flexibility: 3 ways to wear, free matching and inner bile Anti-splash water.

Anti-splash water: the surface waterproof, anti-splash water treatment, rainwater is not easy to penetrate.

Ветроупорен: General cold wind is difficult to pour in, effectively block the wind to protect against the cold.

Дише: Accelerated breathable moisture when moving violently.


Commodity details

Mens windbreaker jacket with hood 3 ways to wear

Three-in-one removable windbreakers could flexible to choose Downs and Fleece. It could windproof, топлина, single wear, match wear in spring, autumn and winter.

Two-piece design

Wind-proof shell and down inner bile, double-warm warm match, to achieve 3 kinds of wearing method, double effect cold effect.

Информации за компанијата

Ruiniu Облека копродукции, Ltd

  • тел:+86-0757-86269715
  • пратеник: +86-18928650351
  • Додај:3-ти кат, Xiyueqijian комплекс зграда, Leigang заедница, Guicheng Subdistrict, Окружниот Nanhai, провинцијата Гуангдонг, Кина


Најчесто поставувани прашања

1.Дали сте фабрика или трговско друштво?

S-GERT е професионална долу јакна и отворен производителот носат, with its own factories in Foshan. основана е во 2002, we have been producing high-quality garments for more than 20 години.

2.Може да се прилагодите на производи?
Да, можеме да се прилагодите на нашата облека според нашите customers'needs. Имаме господар шема со 30 years of working experience.

3.Можеме да ги користиме нашите сопствени лого или дизајн?
Да, ти можеш. You can contact us for details.

4.Како за вашите MOQ?
Нашите MOQ е 300 парчиња.

5.Која марка патент ги користите за оваа hardshell јакна за мажи?

Ние ги користиме прво квалитет YKK ципа и SBS бренд, which can be used thousands of times.

6.Може ли да добијам јакна примерок за проверка на квалитет? Дали има некој надомест за тоа?

Пред да се одржи редот, се бара примерок цена, if the order is confirmed, the pre-production sample is free for you.

7.How can I guarantee my goods quality and my payment?

We support the deal via Alibaba Trade Assurance System and sign a formal contract on Alibaba with full protection for your order.

8.Кој да контактирам ако имам проблем?

Може да се соберат нашите продавници и да не контактирате преку Alibaba. Исто така можете да контактирате со нас преку е-маил.

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