Where can I find an outdoor jacket manufacturer?

Outdoor jacket, this kind of functional clothing is translated as "outdoor jacket" from its paraphrase in order to distinguish it from ordinary outerwear. The appearance is more cool and beautiful than ordinary jackets. So where can I find a good jacket manufacturer?

The outdoor jacket was chosen because of its unique characteristics:

1. Professional waterproofing means that whether you are sitting in a damp place or walking in a wind and rain environment, you can effectively block the intrusion of rain, frost, and snow, so that water cannot penetrate into the clothes and make you feel wet and cold;

2. Breathability means that when you do a large amount of outdoor exercise, your body naturally sweats, and your skin exhales a lot of moisture. If you can't expel it quickly, it will inevitably cause sweat to be trapped between your body and your clothes, making your body soak. In rainy weather, it will make people feel more humid and cold. Especially in severe cold conditions such as mountains and valleys, the body's cold and loss of temperature are very dangerous, so good breathability of clothing is very important.

3. The so-called windproof refers to the 100% prevention of the wind cooling effect. In a changeable natural environment, when cold wind penetrates our clothes, it will blow away a layer of warm air near our skin. This layer of warm air is about one centimeter thick, with a temperature of 34-35 degrees and a humidity of 40 degrees. Between %-60%. Even small changes in this layer of warm air will make us feel chilly and uncomfortable. When the cold wind blows into the clothes and destroys this layer of warm air, causing rapid loss of heat and a drop in body temperature, we will immediately feel chills. This is the so-called air-cooling effect.

If you want to achieve these features. Finding good production materials and a suitable jacket manufacturer is also very important!

The fabric of the jacket is GORE-TEX, which refers to the film inside the outer nylon fabric. It is also called coating, not the entire fabric. As for the outermost nylon cloth, there are grids and non-grids. Generally, the tear resistance of grids is better because the fiber yarns with greater strength are used in the grids. Ripstop is a better outer layer material.

The other key of the jacket is the rubber strip, which is the rubber strip that is pressed on the seam to prevent water leakage. The genuine product has undergone strict waterproof testing when it leaves the factory. Generally, there will be no water leakage at the rubberized place. However, the jackets we wear, as mentioned earlier, are generally fake goods, and there is no strict inspection procedure, so there are cases of water leakage, but generally not many. This is a process problem. Good rubber strips are all air permeable, but airtight rubber strips have little effect on overall air permeability.

The lining of jackets is also made of breathable materials, generally, Coolmax, which is mainly to enhance the perspiration conductivity and warmth retention. Lightweight jackets are made of mesh fibers and do not stick to the body. There are also those without lining, that is, the so-called three-layer glue and two and a half layers of glue. The three-layer glue is directly pressed with a layer of breathable material on the inside of the waterproof and breathable membrane to protect the breathable membrane from being worn.

There are also some accessories, including zippers, bayonets, Velcro, and so on. The zippers of jackets generally use YKK zippers. Jackets with fake YKK zippers are definitely problematic, so don't buy them. You can buy YKK zippers in China, so the accessories are no longer a very important issue.

After reading the above, do you have a better understanding and understanding of outdoor jackets? If you want to have it, please contact Foshan Rui Niu Outdoor Jacket Manufacturing Factory! We have the best technology and the best materials, waiting for everyone to try it!