How to choose down jacket?

As winter is getting thicker, I do know that ordinary cotton clothes can no longer bear the cold weather. At this time it seems that a good down jacket is helpful to beat the cold and make you feel warm for the whole winter. However, it may be confusing for you to opt for a good down jacket. Since we are the down jacket factory owning long years of experience, below are some small tips shared with all our readers and customers.

11 tips to choose a down jacket

1. Style

a novel, chic, fit, generous, and practical, preferably with detachable style.

2. Price

Generally, the price is moderate. If the price is too low, the internal quality cannot be guaranteed.

3. Fleece content and filling capacity

You should choose your own fleece content and filling capacity. The down content of down jackets is generally 70% or more, which has a certain degree of fluffiness and softness. The amount of down filling is related to the warmth of the down jacket, which should be determined according to your own needs.

4. Fluffyness

Fluffyness is also an important indicator of the degree of warmth of down. When choosing down jackets, you can relax and flatten the down products and allow them to recover naturally for three minutes. The quick rebound and return to the original state can indicate that the fluffiness of the down jacket is better.

5. Anti-drill down performance

The surface and lining of down products should have anti-drill down performance. Take a shot and find that down product is definitely inferior. Due to the silky nature of down, it is normal for a small amount of down to overflow from the suture.

6. Breathability

Down jackets cannot be drilled, but they must also have some breathability. If the down jacket's fabric, lining, and bile are poor in air permeability, it will cause the water vapor in the wearing process to be difficult to emit, cause moisture and feel uncomfortable, and it is not easy to dry after washing. The above two factors will make the feathers deteriorate to different degrees and emit an odor under humid conditions.

7. Look at the labels

Some people don’t look at labels habitually when they buy things. In fact, if they are produced by more formal businesses, there will definitely be quality labels and test reports on the labels. The amount of velvet and filling is clearly marked, if not, it is unqualified.

8. Look at the zipper

Different from the zipper on general clothes, the zipper of the down jacket needs to be smooth, waterproof, with an anti-pinch device, and can be used normally in extremely cold weather. These are determined according to the special wearing environment of the down jacket.

9. Smell the smell

Smell the nose close to the down jacket carefully. If there is a bad smell or other odor, it proves that the filling is inferior down, so don't buy it.

10. Take a picture of the down jacket

Take a hard picture of the down jacket, if there are a lot of down drills, or other dust comes out, it means that the fabric is poor in anti-down and the workmanship is not detailed.

11. Choose waterproof carefully

Some people like to buy the down jacket, they want the kind of waterproof, tightness is better, and do not drill hair, but the fabric of this fabric will have poor breath-ability, because long-term Vapor is not easy to emit when worn, and down is easily moldy due to moisture, which affects the overall cold resistance of the clothes.