How to choose a custom work clothes manufacturer?

A company needs to have a certain degree of cohesion and unity to better complete its work. One of the most important manifestations of unity is uniform clothing. Customized work clothes can increase the integrity of the team and even the enterprise, and bring a good impression to customers. Chinese work clothes custom manufacturer, the editor-in-chief of Rui Niu teaches you to make work clothes purchasing plan.

Customized work clothes, the most important thing is the brand culture logo, often many customers worry that the printed logo (pattern, text) will fall off. So, do you choose to buy online or in a physical store or find a manufacturer to customize work clothes?



The first thing to consider when customizing work clothes for the first time is cost and price. The price depends on the craft and fabric, as well as the specific quantity. Then we know the price. Is it to choose online shopping or physical store purchase, or to find a manufacturer to customize work clothes?

A large number of work clothes are recommended by offline manufacturers, because this is the cost price of the factory, reducing the price difference between the middlemen. At the same time, you can go to the manufacturer to understand the customization process of work clothes and supervise the quality. After all, work clothes are also an important factor in the strength of the company. And can customize styles according to their requirements.


Rui Niu Garment Factory is a professional work clothes manufacturer with 20 years of production experience. The documentary business provides one-to-one service and controls the entire work clothes production process at any time. (Advantage: ex-factory cost price, largely recommended quantity)



But if you only order a few pieces, you can choose to buy it at the online store, but explain it, the style of work clothes is fixed, at most it can help you reprint the logo, but this is only a few pieces; if you go to a physical store, the price is also possible On the high side, if you want to re-customize the logo, the price may rise, because the owner of the physical store is equivalent to the middleman who always wants to make more money. I do not recommend buying in physical stores. (There is no advantage in price or quantity).

The above are some of the experience of Rui Niu Down jacket manufacturer and supplier, a custom-made work clothes manufacturer, I hope it will be useful to everyone.

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