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  • Disposable protective clothing manufacturer & supplier

Disposable protective clothing manufacturer & supplier

  • Hindi kinakailangan matsura Blue White electrical pagkakabukod nitrile pagsusulit guwantes

    Disposable Sterile blue White Electrical Insulation Nitrile Exam Gloves Disposable nitrile inspection gloves 1.Made of excellent nitrile synthetic rubber, it avoids the latex-resulting skin allergies. 2.A better performance in puncture resistance, bacterial penetration resistance and chemical resistance. 3.Long service life, flexible operation , soft texture , comfortable waring experience. 4.Non-poisonous,
  • Iakma medikal na mukha kalasag plastic paghihiwalay proteksiyon mukha kalasag para sa kaligtasan Protection kaligtasan anti-fog dental tabing Protection mukha ng kalasag

    Adjustable Medical Face Shield Plastic Isolation Protective Face Shield For Safety Protection Safety Anti-Fog Dental Visor Protection Face Shield Description made of clear plastic and providing good visibility to both the wearer and the patient adjustable band to attach firmly around the head and fit snugly against the forehead,
  • KN95 Face Mask

    KN95 Face Mask Overview Face masks have been the topic of conversations from last year until now. It's identified by the scientific evidence and health experts that masks help reduce the transmission of droplets facing the COVID-19 epidemic. According to the published article from the Wall Street Journal, “Face masks…
  • Cap hindi kamay proteksiyon buhok na nagtatrabaho ng nag-iisa CE kinakailangan medikal caps

    Cap Non Woven Protective Hair Working Isolation Ce Disposable Medical Caps Disposable mob cap are made from 100 % non woven material. It has complete hair covering made from soft comfortable, thermally bonded light polypropylene fibre with an encapsulated elastic edge. The high air permeability provides good ventilation…
  • Disposable Surgical Gowns Bulk

    Disposable Surgical Gowns Bulk Overview The hygiene industry has always been a very demanding market in terms of both technical performance and other properties of non-wovens such as softness, pureness, and moisture absorption, esp meeting the covid-19 for this unfortunate year. For applications in which non-wovens are used such as…
  • PP + PE materyal Blue ospital bata sa likod itali ospital pasyente bata sa mga hindi kinakailangan kirurhiko bata

    PP+PE Material Blue Hospital Gown With Back Tie Hospital Patient Gown With Ties Disposable Surgical Gown Product Parameters name: Disposable Non woven medical coats isolation gown with SPP/SMS / PP+PE material Blue Hospital Gown with Back Tie/Hospital Patient Gown with Ties Disposable Surgical Gown Place of Origin: foshan, China Weight: 35gsm-72gsm…
  • Medikal na hindi kinakailangan kirurhiko bata paghihiwalay proteksiyon damit

    Medical Disposable Surgical Gown Isolation Protective Clothing Isolation protective clothing isType 5/6 approved +EN1149-1 anti-static * Breathable, Microporous material * Cool and comfortable with great protection * Antistatic, soft, comfortable, durable * Water repellent, super diathermanous * Zip front with fly cover and adhesive tape for extra seal protection *…
  • Waterproof buong cover PP hindi kinakailangan ulo cap

    Waterproof Full Cover PP Disposable Head Cap Foshan Ruiniu Clothing Co.,Ltd. matatagpuan sa Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Tsina, is a powerful manufacturer specialized in manufacturing down jacket, hard-shell jacket, soft-shell jacket, 3 sa 1 out door jacket, windbreaker, padded envelope jacket, ski jacket, outdoor pants, atbp. Over the past 20 years, S-GERT has accumulated many excellent suppliers of fabrics and…
  • Proteksiyon kagamitan medikal paghihiwalay suit

    Medical Isolation Suit Product Parameters measurement chart(CM) SIZE 165/M 170/L 175/XL 180/2XL 185/3XL length of the clothes 156 161 166 171 176 BUST 11+ 120 124 128 132 outside sleeve 88 90 92 94 96 Hat height 34.5 35 35 35.5 35.5 1/2cuff(over) 17 17 18 18 18 1/2leg…
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