Are you still entangled in down jacket or cotton jacket?

Since there are many uneven down jackets and cotton jackets made of imported cotton on the market now, which one is better to keep warm? Which one is better? The manufacturers of down jackets and cotton jackets from you will tell you the difference.

What is down?

Down, which is structured as a spherical fibrous body, is mainly derived from ducks and geese. It grows close to the muscles between the abdomen and the wing nest. It is part of the direct contact between birds and water. The main function is to keep warm and dissipate heat. The weight is about 300g, and down only accounts for 8%-10% of the total feathers.

Still, tangling down jacket or cotton jacket?

It can be said that it is a rare natural warming material. In addition, tens of thousands of tiny pores densely covered by the down ball-shaped fiber absorb the flowing heat of the human body, which isolates the cold air provided by the invasion of foreign cold air, and the texture of the down is branched. Light and flexible.

Comparison of the warmth retention of down and other materials

Cotton clothing, general cotton clothing is divided into cotton and filled with cotton, the inner filling of the cotton is machine cotton, generally used as a spring or autumn jacket. With the development of the trend, different lines can be formed according to the design, making the clothes more design. The cotton-filled clothing, as the name implies, uses cotton as a filler, and the cotton is washed into the sewn pieces with a machine. Generally, the cotton-filled includes 1.1D cotton, commonly known as doll cotton; pearl cotton, and DuPont cotton. Cotton-filled clothing is generally thicker than quilted cotton clothing. It is used as late autumn or winter clothing. It keeps warm and is easy to clean. Cotton clothing can be washed directly in the washing machine.

In terms of thermal performance, down jackets have a much higher warmth than cotton jackets. Correspondingly, because of the scarcity of materials, the cost of down jackets is much higher than that of cotton jackets. But in terms of ease of cleaning, cotton clothing is easier to clean and store than down clothing.

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